Classic Hoyer Lift

I could have kept my father in his home longer, rather than placing him in an assisted living facility, if only I had known more about medical equipment!

There are many products that are designed to help patients with limited mobility. One of the most important is the Hoyer Patient Lift. This product helps caregivers move limited mobility seniors from bed to a wheelchair, from a wheelchair to a commode, etc. It does so while being operated by a caregiver. This greatly reduces the risk of a fall by the senior, and likelihood of back problems for the caregiver.

The Hoyer Patient Lift has a sling that envelops the senior. It is separate from the lift itself because it is designed so that it can surround the senior in their bed. Since the senior is likely to have significant mobility problems, there are some specific procedures that will enable the caregiver to wrap the sling around the senior while moving them from side to side. Note: Anyone using a patient lift and sling must be trained. Ideally a caregiver would enlist the aid of a trained nurse or caregiver, or a trained gerontologist. If that is not possible, there are some excellent training videos, such as The number of steps and procedures may seem excessive, but every one of them is important.