This site was created by John McMennamin. Like others who have created products for the elderly, John’s motivation came from he and his wife’s major frustrations in trying to solve problems in the care of her mother. She had been cared for by her husband, but he passed away.

John spent many hours on the internet reviewing existing and new technologies designed to help homebound seniors. This is a difficult task for any caregiver, but for caregivers of homebound seniors, it is especially complex. Their mobility is often very limited, and the simplest tasks become very daunting.

This is further complicated by the fact that these homebound seniors are very ‘underserved,’ according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, and the American Geriatric Association. Their numbers have not been great enough to demand the attention to their problems that is needed.

Therefore, John felt that a website that pointed out some of the products that could help caregivers help their homebound senior would be of assistance to these caregivers. Very often these caregivers are trying to hold a job while caring for their elder. They don’t have much time left to do research. This site will hopefully help.

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